Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It has been a very quiet summer on the Hill waiting for puppies to grow up and Sherry's ankle to heal.
HHH pups made a splash at the Mayflower Specialty, garnering placements in puppy sweepstakes and in the regular classes.  Jammer Saskia babies Jaeger and Abbey, bred by Anie Goosens did us proud as did the lovely Izzy, aka HHH Ante Up owned by Mary and John Beerworth.

I Love You Melanie!

Jammer had a wonderful time with his friend and professional handler Melanie Primeau at the Mayflower Specialty Show in Providence RI this weekend!  Jammer puppies Jaeger and Abbey did their daddy proud!

Jammer baby Fondcombe Arwen Abigaile —bred, owned and handled by Anie Goosens— at the Mayflower Specialty!

Jammer baby Jaeger.... aka Fondcombe SMK Take a Shot with owner handler Tracey Daniel in the ring for their first time at the Mayflower Specialty!

Izzy, aka HHH Ante Up —owned by Mary and John Beerworth— looking good and pulling a fourth place in a very competitive open bitch class with Alessandra Folz at the Mayflower Specialty.